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Find Appointments and Boost Your Business with Agado

Agado is the largest and most innovative marketing and booking platform for beauty and wellness services in Estonia. It helps people easily find and book appointments based on their preferred location, service, and price. With Agado, you can take your marketing, customer experience, and business value to the next level. Setting up your account is super easy, and you can start accepting bookings within minutes!

5 ways how the client app Agado is useful for you?

Manage bookings easily – share available times with clients

Show your available booking times on Agado so both regular and new customers can see them easily. Let Agado make booking convenient for everyone.

Accurate Booking Data – Reassure Correct Booking Information

Ensure correct customer data in reservations by using Agado platform. This also makes it easier to contact customers for marketing purposes.

Improve Service Quality – Collect Customer Feedback for Satisfaction

Collect customer feedback with Agado and improve the quality of your service. Use feedback to attract new customers and improve loyalty.

Share Your Booking Link – No Website Required

No website? No problem! Agado automatically generates a personal booking link that you can share on your Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

Save Money on SMS Reminders – Use Agado for Notification

Switch to Agado and save money on paid SMS reminders. Use Agado free 24-hour app notifications to remind customers of their bookings.

5 reasons why your customers enjoy the Agado app ⌃⌣⌃

Convenient Booking Overview – See All Appointments in One Place

👋 Say goodbye to forgotten reservations and email searches with the Agado booking app. Access your bookings from anywhere, whether you are using the Agado app or web version:

Book in 3 Clicks – Super Fast and Easy

Booking a new appointment is a breeze with Agado simple 3-click process. Your clients will appreciate the convenience and speed of booking with you.

No Passwords Required – Simple Customer Authentication

Your clients can easily authenticate their bookings using their email or social media accounts. No more forgotten passwords or login issues.

Secure Customer Data – Email and Phone Validation

Agado prioritizes account data security by requiring email and phone validation for all bookings. This ensures that only the owner of the phone number and email account can make a bookings.

Timely Notifications – Instant Booking Confirmations and Reminders

Your clients will receive instant booking confirmations and timely reminders through Agado. This helps them stay on top of their schedule and ensures they do not forget their appointment.

Super easy setup (tutorial)

How to activate Agado?

If you click on activate Agado (customer app from the left menu bar), customers can find and book you in Agado.

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How Agado works?

Booking with Agado is super easy. After booking, you will immediately receive a booking confirmation email and your customers, followed by a timely reminder notification. In addition, customers have a great overview of their booking. And they can book you a new appointment in 3 clicks!

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